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Virkon S – PMC Reg. MINSAL N.15973
Sistema Biocida

Virkon S - PMC 15973

Composizione chimica
Formulazione multiattiva stabilizzata a base di perossidi, tensioattivi, catalizzatori organici e sostanze ad azione tampone


Modalità di applicazione
Ref. Diluizioni Efficaci

S. Amass, D. Ragland, P. Spicer – Evaluation of the efficacy of a peroxygen compound, Virkon®S, as a boot bath disinfectant
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P. Morley – Directed misting with 4% Virkon® S reduces environmental bacterial counts of Staphs and Salmonella by significant > 99.9999% or 6 logs in field trial
M. Dunowska, P. Morley, D. Hyatt – The effect of Virkon®S fogging on survival of Salmonella enterica and Staphylococcus aureus on surfaces in a veterinary teaching hospital
K. Gradel, L. Randall, A. Sayers, R. Davies – Possible associations between Salmonella persistence in poultry houses and resistance to commonly used disinfectants and a putative role of mar
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Olivier Habimana, Trond Møretrø, Solveig Langsrud, Lene K. Vestby , Live L. Nesse, Even Heir – Micro ecosystems from feed industry surfaces: a survival and biofilm study of Salmonella versus host resident flora strains – BMC Veterinary Research 2010
Woddall C. Blue Test Laboratories (March 2004). EN 1656 : 2009 Testing Protocol Modified for Streptococcus suis. Efficacy report confirming for Virkon S a 1:400 effective dilution rate in clean conditions against Streptococcus suis.
Shanen Conway BS, ATS Labs. Virucidal Efficacy (PEDV) of a Disinfectant (Virkon S) for Use on Inanimate Environmental Surfaces (2014)

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